Shell Naturelle S4 Stern Tube Fluid 100

Our Shell Naturelle range of biodegradable lubricants are approved by leading manufacturers for use in applications that have a potential oil-to-sea interface.

Shell Naturelle S4 Stern Tube Fluid 100 is a non-emulsifying synthetic fluid specifically developed for use in stern tubes. Manufactured from fully saturated esters, Shell Naturelle S4 Stern Tube Fluid 100 is designed to offer superior lubrication performance while also being readily biodegradable and having low ecotoxicity.

Designed to offer 
superior lubrication 

Fully saturated esters ensure excellent resistance to oxidation and hydrolysis while offering high-temperature thermal stability.

Excellent hydrolytic stability

A non-emulsifying fluid with excellent water separation and anti-foaming characteristics that helps to maintain equipment performance.

Environmentally considerate

1 EU Eco Labelled

2 Independently certified as VGP compliant

Increased wear 

Ashless (zinc-free) additives provide protection over a wide range of conditions.

Approvals from leading stern tube and 
seal manufacturers include

1 SKF Blohm + Voss Industries

2 Wartsila Propulsion

3 Kemel

4 Aegir-Marine