Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid 68, 100 and 150

Prematurely worn components can mean additional maintenance costs and reduced equipment availability. Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid can help to lower maintenance costs by offering outstanding anti-wear and load-carrying performance through their high-quality, synthetic ester base fluid and advanced non-toxic anti-wear additives.

If water and air contaminate your oil, its ability to reduce friction and keep your gears working efficiently may be compromised. Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluids help to cut operating costs by maintaining system efficiency through their excellent water separating, load-carrying and anti-wear characteristics.

Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid meets industry standard DIN 51517/3 CLP-E, including full water separation in less than 30 minutes according to DIN ISO 6614.


Longer Service Life

Fully saturated esters ensure excellent resistance to oxidation and hydrolysis while offering high-temperature thermal stability. Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid offers the potential to extend oil service life compared with conventional mineral gear oils.

Load Carrying and Wear Protection 

Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid is formulated to have excellent loadcarrying capacity and anti-scuffing performance. Advanced non-toxic additives provide protection over a wide range of conditions and ensure long component life, even under shock-loading conditions. All Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluid grades pass the FZG load test above load stage 13 according to ISO 14635 A20.

Environmentally considerate

1 EU Eco Labelled

2 Independently certified as VGP compliant

Approvals from leading thruster manufacturers include*

1 Kawasaki Heavy Industries

2 Nakashima Propellor

3 Holland Roerpropellor (ZF) 

Approvals from leading stern tube and seal manufacturers include*

1 SKF Blohm + Voss Industries

2 Wärtsilä Propulsion

3 IHC Sealing Solutions

4 Aegir-Marine


Approved for use in

1 Sperry Marine fin stabilisers

2 Caterpillar (Berg) controllable-pitch propellers

3 Ortlinghaus wet marine clutches