Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E 46 and 68

Cutting Operating Cost
Hydraulic fluids that fail to protect your equipment from wear and corrosion can increase maintenance costs and reduce equipment availability. Shell Naturelle HF-E helps to lower maintenance costs by offering excellent wear protection over a wide temperature range. The naturally high shear stable viscosity index (VI) of Shell Naturelle HF-E helps to deliver responsive performance from cold start to full-load, heavy-duty operation.

Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E is blended from synthetic base stocks with a naturally high VI of 180–190. The absence of viscosity modifier additives means the fluid is shear stable (i.e., there is no loss of viscosity control under high shear operating conditions) and offers multigrade performance with no loss of VI during use. The viscosity–temperature curve is much flatter than that of conventional hydraulic fluids.

Environmentally considerate

1 EU Eco Labelled

2 Independently certified as VGP compliant


Approvals from leading marine equipment manufacturers include*

1 Rolls-Royce (stabilisers)

2 Sperry Marine (stabilisers)

3 Wärtsilä Propulsion (stern tubes)


Specialist hydraulic approvals include

1 Eaton Vickers

2 ISO 15380: HEES

3 VDMA 24 568 HEES

4 JCMAS P044 (endurance test)